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Panel 2 (P2)

Candidate genes were sequenced across a panel of 95 individuals of known ethnicities (see ethnicity key below).

EGP ID Coriell ID
D001 NA17101
D002 NA17102
D003 NA17103
D004 NA17104
D005 NA17105
D006 NA17106
D007 NA17107
D008 NA17108
D009 NA17109
D010 NA17110
D011 NA17111
D012 NA17112
D013 NA17113
D014 NA17114
D015 NA17115
DY01 NA18502
DY02 NA19153
DY03 NA19223
DY04 NA19201
DY05 NA18504
DY06 NA18870
DY07 NA19137
DY08 NA19238
DY09 NA19144
DY10 NA19203
DY11 NA19200
DY12 NA18855
E101 NA11995
E102 NA12892
E103 NA11882
E104 NA11994
E105 NA12815
E106 NA12891
E107 NA06985
E108 NA11840
E109 NA11881
E110 NA11993
E111 NA12751
E112 NA12814
E113 NA06993
E114 NA07056
E115 NA11832
E116 NA11839
E117 NA11992
E118 NA12057
E119 NA12156
E120 NA12239
E121 NA12750
E122 NA12813
H101 NA17438
H102 NA17439
H103 NA17440
H104 NA17441
H105 NA17442
H106 NA17443
H107 NA17444
H108 NA17445
H109 NA17446
H110 NA17448
H111 NA17449
H112 NA17450
H113 NA17451
H114 NA17452
H115 NA17453
H116 NA17454
H117 NA17456
H118 NA17457
H119 NA17458
H120 NA17459
H121 NA17460
H122 NA17461
X101 NA18526
X102 NA18562
X103 NA18545
X104 NA18609
X105 NA18566
X106 NA18621
X107 NA18577
X108 NA18635
X109 NA18524
X110 NA18537
X111 NA18572
X112 NA18552
X113 NA18942
X114 NA18945
X115 NA18964
X116 NA18961
X117 NA18967
X118 NA18981
X119 NA18994
X120 NA18998
X121 NA18940
X122 NA18949
X123 NA18953
X124 NA18972

Ethnicity Key
The first character(s) of the EGP ID of each Panel 2 sample refers to the ethnicity of the sample as indicated below
  D African American
  DY Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria
  E European
  H Hispanic
  X Asian
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