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Panel 1 (P1)

Candidate genes were formerly sequenced across a panel of 90 individuals representative of the U.S. population (see information on the Polymorphism Discovery Resource).

EGP ID Coriell ID
P001 NA15029
P002 NA15036
P003 NA15215
P004 NA15223
P005 NA15245
P006 NA15224
P007 NA15236
P008 NA15510
P009 NA15213
P010 NA15221
P011 NA15227
P012 NA15385A
P013 NA15590
P014 NA15038
P015 NA15056
P016 NA15072
P017 NA15144
P018 NA15216
P019 NA15226
P020 NA15242
P021 NA15268
P022 NA15324
P023 NA15386
P024 NA15594
P025 NA15030
P026 NA15080
P027 NA15104
P028 NA15230
P029 NA15308
P030 NA15330
P031 NA15332
P032 NA15334
P033 NA15348
P034 NA15504
P035 NA15506
P036 NA15037
P037 NA15047
P038 NA15237
P039 NA15251
P040 NA15269
P041 NA15283
P042 NA15341
P043 NA15463
P044 NA15469
P045 NA15025
P046 NA15053
P047 NA15061
P048 NA15063
P049 NA15089
P050 NA15225
P051 NA15239
P052 NA15241
P053 NA15243
P054 NA15247
P055 NA15249
P056 NA15285
P057 NA15327
P058 NA15333
P059 NA15339
P060 NA15349
P061 NA15357A
P062 NA15365A
P063 NA15367
P064 NA15369A
P065 NA15403
P066 NA15503
P067 NA15509
P068 NA15585
P069 NA15589
P070 NA15597
P071 NA15024
P072 NA15028
P073 NA15050
P074 NA15064
P075 NA15078
P076 NA15086B
P077 NA15228
P078 NA15244
P079 NA15248
P080 NA15252
P081 NA15276
P082 NA15286
P083 NA15328
P084 NA15342
P085 NA15352
P086 NA15362
P087 NA15380
P088 NA15392
P089 NA15414
P090 NA15596
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