DDB1: damage-specific DNA binding protein 1, 127kDa
Chromosomal Location: 11q12-q13

Mapping Data
SNP Locations Mapping of each SNP onto the gene structure. Each SNP can be listed as: --- (noncoding), 5UT (5'UTR), 3UT (3'UTR). If a SNP occurs in a coding region its effect on the amino acid translation is shown. All translations are done from the Entrez RefSeq curated mRNA sequence (Acc. No.: NM* or XM*) for each gene.
PCR Primers (FASTA) A FASTA formatted list of the PCR primers used to generate over-lapping amplicons (~800-1000 bp). A description of primers and the standard PCR conditions are available.
Color FASTA Sequence The final reference sequence generated for this gene as a colored FASTA sequence in order to easily locate gene features. Variations are shown in red, exons are shown in blue, and protein translations are included in the coding regions.
cDNA A FASTA formatted file of the complementary DNA (cDNA) that contains 5' UTR, exons, and 3' UTR regions. This sequence is translated for mapping of nonsynonymous SNPs to protein amino acid positions. Most cDNA sequences used are downloaded directly from LocusLink gene data page for the candidate gene being studied. Generally the primary cDNA found at LocusLink is used for mapping when multiple splice variants are present.
SNP Sequence Context A multi-entry FASTA file containing each polymorphic site and 50 bp of flanking sequence both 5' and 3'. Each polymorphic position is listed according to the IUPAC ambiguity codes or the insertion allele at that site.
Genbank The Genbank flat file documents our final reference sequence for a scanned region. All single nucleotide polymorphisms, insertion-deletions, allele frequencies, regions scanned, and gene elements such as exons and repeat elements are annotated. The reference sequence included the common allele for all SNPs and the inserted sequence for insertion-deletion polymorphisms. Descriptions of the fields can be found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Sitemap/samplerecord.html